Perennials U-Z

Verbena bonariensisVerbena bonariensis

Much beloved by bees & butterflies, this wonderfully airy plant bears tightly packed clusters of lilac flowers on tall, branching stems from Aug to Oct. cut back in spring when new shoots appear. Prefers well drained soil in full sun. HGT 1.5m





Veronica gentianoides 'Barbara Sherwood'Veronica gentianoides ‘Barbara Sherwood’ AGM

A very pretty Veronica, forming a matt of glossy, basal leaves and producing tall spikes of pale blue flowers in early summer. Semi evergreen and fully hardy. Prefers well drained soil in full sun. HGT 45cm

Available spring 2021


Veronica spicata 'Ulster Blue Dwarf'Veronica spicata ‘Ulster Blue Dwarf’

A dwarf form of this cottage garden favourite, having dark green, deciduous foliage and producing spikes of purple-blue flowers from mid summer. Prefers a moist but well drained soil in full sun. Bees love it! HGT 30cm.