Other plants
Last updated: 25/04/22

These are the plants that don’t readily fit onto our other pages but that we think you may still find interesting

Colocasia esculenta ‘Blue Hawaii’

An absolutely stunning plant and a real talking point! This colocasia has large, pointed, heart-shaped leaves which, when mature, have electric blue veins. Very architectural, it likes to be kept damp & in the sun or semi shade. Overwinter frost free. Minimum temp 5c. HGT: 1.2m



Fascicularia bicolour

This stunning bromeliad originates from Chile and is sure to be a talking point! It has thin, blue-green foliage and produces a cluster of sky blue flowers in the centre with the surrounding foliage turning bright crimson. Hardy through most winters in a very well drained spot but will need protection in harsh weather. Full sun, well drained soil. HGT: 50cm



Lonicera periclymenum ‘Scentsation’

A much sought after honeysuckle with an exceptional fragrance from the creamy yellow flowers that are produced from early summer to autumn. Deciduous & fully hardy, prefers well drained soil in full sun/part shade. HGT 6m




Musa basjoo – Hardy Banana

The hardiest of the bananas, basjoo will withstand temps as low as -8c though the roots can withstand as low as -20c! However, wrapping with fleece in winter will mean you lose less of the trunk each year. Grown mainly for the very large, bright green foliage. Prefers fertile, moist soil in full sun/part shade. HGT: 3m



Musa sikkimensis ‘Bengal Tiger’

A selection of ‘Red Tiger’ with better colouring. Although one of the hardier forms of banana, we strongly advise wrapping with fleece to overwinter. Grown mainly for the very large, bright green foliage with irregular, deep red streaks. Prefers fertile, moist soil in full sun/part shade. HGT: 4m