Autumn has arrived!

Autumn Prunus 'Kojo-No-Mai'

Autumn Prunus ‘Kojo-No-Mai’

Well autumn has well and truly arrived here at the nursery and our plants areĀ putting on an amazing display.

Prunus ‘Kojo-No-Mai’ is so beautiful in spring with its covering of delicate pink flowers but, in our opinion, its autumn display is just as stunning. Its foliage almost glows in this welcome November sunshine we have at the moment.

Stachyurus chinensis 'Celina'Equally stunning is Stachyurus ‘Celina’ with foliage that alternates between shades of gold and a deep ruby red. Already planning for spring, it has started producing the long racemes of buds that burst into dozens of creamy bells much loved by bees as a very early source of pollen.

There are dozens of plants all busily showing off their autumn colours at the moment – Liquidamber, Parrotia, Prunus ‘Okame’ & Hammamelis to name just a few, And, when the wind takes their leaves away, I shall have yet more fun kicking them about like the small child we all are at heart!