Less plastic!

Anyone who has watched any form of media lately cannot fail to be aware of the devastating affect plastic use is having on our oceans. So, after much thought, we have decided to stop supplying plastic carrier bags to customers at the nursery from 1st January 2019.

We have desperately been searching for an alternative but unfortunately we can’t seem to find one. We thought of paper but the cost of one both big enough and tough enough to cope with (possibly) wet shrubs is ridiculously expensive.

We even considered continuing to use plastic carrier bags but charging for them and donating the money to a charity devoted to caring for the oceans. However, we feel that this wouldn’t be enough to help reduce the problem.

So until we find a viable alternative we ask that all customers bring their own reusable bags with them.

We know it will cause a bit of inconvenience for some customers, but we hope that you will support us (and the oceans) with this decision.

P.S. this picture was found via Google images, I hope the originator will excuse my use of it to illustrate our point